If creating web sites were easy, everyone would do it.

We specialize in converting existing, outdated web sites into easy to manage WordPress sites designed to expand your audience and capabilities. No matter what your content, it can be remade as a great platform that’s easy to update using WordPress.

To discuss your project, please contact us at our special conversion hotline, (405) 463-4622 or contact us via e-mail.

WordPress offers these features that every modern web site should have:

  • WordPress provides a backend that’s easy for mere mortals to update using a standard web browser without having to know HTML;
  • WordPress comes all the bells and whistles as standard features, including standard RSS feeds, comments, and content that’s easy to optimize for search engines;
  • A growing community of software and developers, including nearly 4,000 free GPL plugins for adding just any new feature without having to do a lot of programming;
  • Hooks for tying into social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, using Buddypress, you create your own self-hosted social networking platform with open logins and user management.

Below are just a few of the WordPress sites we’ve converted from other platforms.

This I Believe

This I Believe
This historic project, based on an original series started by Edward R. Murrow in the 1950s, has produced two best selling books, several cd compliations and audiobooks, and was featured as a series on National Public Radio from 2005 to April 2009. More than 64,000 essays on thisibelieve.org were converted into WordPress posts from a custom site through a variety of custom and open source plugins and themes. The content in WordPress also feeds an iPhone application using data from the built-in RSS feeds.


The online student newspaper at Oklahoma State University was converted to WordPress in 2008 so students could more easily publish online. Since we originally put the newspaper on the web in 1996, more than 45,000 stories had been published and these were all converted into WordPress posts with support for comments, RSS feeds, podcasts and video clips. A classified advertising site called Orange Pages was also created to sell ads to local businesses.

International Collection of Children’s and Adolescent Literature

Working for the College of Education at the University of Arizona, an online catalog of children’s literature was created based on WordPress posts with support for comments, RSS feeds and more. A custom blog was also created with interaction with contributors to its two educational journals.

These examples illustrate that any web content can be converted for use with WordPress. In some cases, that content comes from other database systems and requires extensive manipulation using php and SQL. In others, the content involves working with static files. Our specialty is taking content designed for one thing and turning into a brand new sparkling WordPress site.