House Front

This is my first experiment with Time Lapse photography using my Coolpix 5700 and Digisnap 2000. Click below to see the movie.

Quicktime: Large (16Mb) | Small (6Mb) : MPEG-4: 470×272 (1.7Mb)

The camera was set up and started taking pictures, one shot per minute, at 5:15 a.m. and ran out of battery at 10:31 a.m. The images were shot at 1280×960 in fine JPEG and saved to a 256Mb compact flash card. I then ran a batch process in Photoshop that cropped the images to 1280×720 saving them out to a new folder. Then, I used the Image Sequence import in Quicktime Player to generate an uncompressed 720p Quicktime movie, opening that file in Compressor and saving them out in the formats presented here. It was obviously a windy day and I bumped the camera once while checking on it. 🙂

Camera Notes: I set the focus to infinity, since it was dark when I started and had a difficult time framing. On my camera, I chose Aperture-weighted automatic exposure with the maxium aperture the camera supports so that the shutterspeed was automatically chosen by the camera. The early frames started at 8 second exposures while the last ones were 1/500th exposure. The last 10 frames were just blurry, which I suspect happens when the battery gets low.