Owner and user of Apple Macintosh equipment since 1985, from Mac OS 1 to Mac OS X Tiger, from Motorola 68k to PowerPC to Intel.

Desktop Applications

  • Apple Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Motion and DVD Studio Pro
  • Apple iLife ’04 to ’06, including iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto and Garageband
  • Apple iWork ’05 to ’06, including Keynote and Pages;
  • Adobe Creative Suite 2, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Macromedia Flash MX, including Sorenson Squeeze Flash video codec
  • Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Quicktime Pro, including media conversion for iPod, iTunes and Windows Media
  • Bare Bones BBEdit, Textwrangler and Yojimbo
  • Omni Group’s OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle
  • Filemaker Pro 2.x-8.x by Filemaker, Inc.
  • Applescript, Automator, perl, php and many other scripting languages.

Internet Applications

  • Mac OS X Server, 10.0 to 10.4
  • Apache, Webstar and IIS web servers
  • PHP, Perl, Tango and Netcloak web scripting languages
  • MySQL, Primebase, MS SQL Server, and Butler SQL database servers
  • WordPress, Gallery, phpWebsite and many other Web applications and scripts
  • Subversion and Trac project and version management systems
  • Eudora Internet Mail Server
  • BIND domain name server
  • Quicktime Streaming Server