FastPipe Media, Inc. is a full service media producer specializing in accessible internet sites designed to attract attention and be easily maintained by mortals.

Incorporated in 1995, FastPipe Media actually had its genesis in more than a decade of media freelancing by its president, Dennis Whiteman. Upon graduation from Oklahoma State University in 1982, Whiteman began his career taking photographs and writing for a variety of publications while performing research for a media-oriented law practice based in Washington, D.C.

Beginning in 1983, Whiteman began dabbling in the motion picture industry following a short stint in Los Angeles where he worked one day as an extra on the movie Hard to Hold. Over the next decade, he worked on hundreds of commercials as a production assistant, grip and later as a production coordinator. His experience included accounting and reporting to WGA, SGA and DGA on three features produced by Lazy E Productions, Inc., as well as producing an industry newsletter for the Oklahoma Film Office for six years.

Beginning in October 1985, Whiteman purchased his first Apple Macintosh® computer, but he had been using one for nearly a year to produce newsletters for a variety of clients. During more than 20 years of owning and using Macs, he has achieved expert status in a number of areas, including all Apple software products, most Adobe software products, a wide variety of scripting languages and many open source unix applications. Basically, Whiteman has experience with everything from the Desktop Publishing revolution of the 1980s to to the internet revolution of the 1990s and beyond.

FastPipe Media relocated to Stillwater, OK in 1995 to create and maintain the main Oklahoma State University home page for OSU’s Communication Services public relations office. For more than eight years, the main site was served on Apple Macintosh PowerPC computers, handing millions of hits and providing essential navigation services to the Stillwater campus on a budget that was simply laughable.

Since its inception, the internet has provided great opportunities for businesses, large and small. FastPipe Media has helped dozens of organizations — large and small — find their audiences on the web during more than a decade of media content development. These organizations include:

In the Spring of 2006, Whiteman began offering his experience to a whole new generation of web producers at OSU for the School of Journalism and Broadcasting. JB 3623, Internet Communications, is a class rare at a time when technology dominates and so many people forget that the whole point of having a web site is to communicate. This course focuses on using technology, like the open source WordPress blogging software, to facilitate publishing, but points are lost for bad writing or misspelled words, i.e. a failure to communicate. Blogging, podcasting and vlogs are also explored to provide a well-rounded idea of what’s possible when you’re 20 and have nothing to lose.

Our latest adventure involves promoting a whole new world of advertising, available to anyone, really, through the creation of media targeted at an audience looking for an opportunity at commerce. Through services like Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Feedburner and other services, we help get your message out there and grow your audience. Eyeballs are money and figuring out how to make money is our business.