In October 2001, I set up a web site called to track the digital television transition in Oklahoma. At the time, none of the local TV stations were broadcasting, despite my having spent a long, hot day in September putting up an outdoor UHF TV antenna that I had read would let me receive free HDTV programming.

Nearly five years later, all of the stations in Oklahoma City and most in Tulsa now have transmitters sending out digital signals that can be received around the state. In Oklahoma City, there are six TV stations that broadcast HDTV at least some hours of every day.

Last weekend, I completed the transition of this site from an older web technology to one that will let it grow as a community site. Not only does this site have a new, improved modern design, but it is the most accessible site I have done in 11 years of creating web sites.

In the transition, nearly 3000 articles ranging from announcements as each DTV station went on the air to tips on navigating the often difficult customer support mechanisms at cable outlets, satellite operators and TV stations. More than 13,000 comments have been posted by nearly 1,000 users.